Welcome to Insta Color USA

Instacolor specializes in the graphic and print production projects serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1991. We do not have the brick and mortar facility for the retail usage anymore - We focus exclusively on getting your job done from design to print production and/or placing your final print job with the best firm. We are like your project & production management firms. What we do best is to give you a final product in a timely matter and a cost that meets today’s economy. In addition, our no overhead costs is the savings that goes to you our customers. Still not sure if you should contact us? See what outstanding work we can do for you, contact us for price quotes and references for your next project.11

Instacolor is experienced and well contacted with several of the leading print manufacturers. In fact, during our reign, we had our own full service print facility. To explain further, we know what is the process for any of the print jobs, we were the to go company with many brokers to get their jobs done correct, on time and affordable for them to resell it. We have and understand what it takes to produce your final project.
At Instacolor, we provide a wide range of affordable solutions for your graphic & print needs. All certified technicians work exclusively with Instacolor and have extensive training and experience. Our personnel are all knowledgeable and proficient, letting you feel at ease about allowing one of our technicians take care of your projects.
All Instacolor operations staff, estimators, and designers are professionally trained on all the programs and services we offer. Our Instacolor staff and alliances technicians have over 100 years of combined experience in graphics and printing services.


Print Production